AltoIRA Guide

Follow the steps below to create a new investment in Winc, Inc. with an AltoIRA account. This tutorial focuses on the steps on our investment portal, for further assistance setting up your new AltoIRA account, follow their guide here.

Step 1

Head to and enter your email address in the form, then press "Start Investing"

Step 2

Create an account by entering your email and desired password or if you already created an account, login through the below "Log In" button to get started:

Step 3

After entering your personal information and choosing your investment size, when prompted with this screen, please select "Other"; then "Self-Directed IRA or 401(k)" and "Create A New IRA (AltoIRA)":

Step 4

You will be redirected to to create an account or login to an existing IRA. You can confirm your IRA's commitment by clicking "View" to review deal documents and E-Sign your Direction of Investment. Make sure you enter the same investment amount on AltoIRA and on the Winc website.

You must return to your account on to finalize your investment commitment (more on that in the next step).

Step 5

Return to your previous tab or log back in to finalize your commitment on Please select "I am a US citizen, US Resident, or other US Person" and "I am exempt from backup withholding" then click "Next".

Step 6

Enter “AltoIRA Empire Trust Custodian FBO" plus your first and last name for the IRA Account Name, then use "45-3083418" as the IRA Company EIN, "United States" as the country, and "TN"as the state, then click "Next":

Step 7

Enter “AltoIRA" as the company name, "" as the contact email, and "877-673-1557" as the contact phone number and click "Next":

Step 8

Enter "1906 Glen Echo Road #159301, Nashville, TN 27215" as the Retirement Account IRA address and click "Next":

Step 9

Select 'Wire Transfer" as the method of payment and click "Next":

Step 10

Almost there! Review your investment details and select "Confirm." There is one more step after this.

Step 11

After carefully reviewing the deal documents, type your full legal name to e-sign and click "Sign Agreements":

Step 12

Congratulations! Your commitment is now confirmed. To complete your investment, you will need to make sure your AltoIRA is funded and you have a credit card on file. As a gentle reminder, investments will be batched into wires periodically, so do not be alarmed if your funds have not been received within a week of commitment.

Should you need any help at all, don't hesitate to contact AltoIRA's team at (877) 673-1557 or

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